Gifts for Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts Fans

Finding gifts can be challenging. If you’re trying to find a gift for a potterhead look no further than here! Some of these are gifts for the Fantastic Beasts series while others are related to the Harry Potter series (and some are just related to the potterverse).

Niffler Plush:

Price: $22.70

Who doesn’t like a Niffler to snuggle with? The Niffler plush even has a pouch to store items! These official Nifflers will bring smiles to any potterhead.

Lego Harry Potter Video Game

If the person you would like to give a gift to is also a video game fan you can try a Lego Harry Potter video game! The game’s ESRB rating is Everyone 10+. Players play through the book’s story line as a variety of characters including Harry, Ron and Hermione. and experience it from a Lego standpoint. The game supports two players and is split between Harry’s 1st through 4th and 5th through 7th years.

Xbox 360 Years 1-4

Xbox 360 Years 5-7


Price: $9.95

A bendable Pickett! This will bring to delight to HP fans and can make a great gift.

Hogwarts Library Collection

Price: $29.99 (hardcover)

The Hogwarts Library Collection features Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (a guide to magical creatures, not to be confused with Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them the screenplay), Quidditch Through the Ages and The Tales of Beedle Bard. A great addition to a potterheads collection of Harry Potter related texts.

Harry Potter Themed Notebooks

Price: $9.95

These little notebooks are good for keeping track of information. Please note that these are notebooks and not spellbooks.

Harry Potter House Ties

Price: $14.99 (set of four)

These ties come in sets of four (one tie per house or four for one house) and can add to a Hogwarts student’s looks.

Golden Snitch

Price: $6.62

This Golden Snitch will go along great in a Harry Potter souvenirs collection. This can be a great add-on to another gift that will bring delight.

These gifts will bring smiles to potterheads and can add to an existing collection of Harry Potter items. Gifts can be hard to give but they are not impossible to give.